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Tapes to DVD!

I'm Peter, a 32-yr-old professional
video editor from Rockville, MD

I digitize all videotape formats including
VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, MiniDV and Betamax

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1. You Gather the Tapes

2. I Pick up the Tapes

3. I Deliver them Digitized

About Peter

Peter’s Passion is Family Videos! When he was 9 he “borrowedˮ his grandfather’s video camera and began directing movies starring his little brother and 14 cousins! In Middle School Peter learned the craft of tape to tape (linear) editing and started producing sports and skateboarding videos with his friends. In High School, Peter bought his first Digital Video camera and began editing his masterpieces on his family’s computer. Peter went on to study broadcast journalism at American University and produced numerous short documentaries including: “Cooking with the Sun: Empowering Solar Cooking in Rural Mexicoˮ which was screened at the D.C. Environmental Film Festival in 2004. He interned at various news organizations including NBC4 in Washington, D.C. Upon graduating from college, Peter has worked as a Production Assistant for PBS, a cameraman for ABC7 and a video editor for numerous Media outlets. Peter loves working in television news! Peter now dedicates his time to doing what he’s passionate about: digitizing and preserving your family videos!